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You will find current productions from Loud Space in Various Chart Lists, TV and Radio Commercials. 

From simple Vocal Recording to complete cinema 3D Audio.
The Loud Space Studios gives you everything you need for your production.
You may ask, what ist the most important thing in a modern audio environment? The answer is simple: Wellbeing! 


Loud Space delivers:

> Audio Recording / Vocal Recording
> Audio Postproduction 

> Audio Mastering
> 3D Cinema Audio / Cinema post production
> Chart Ready Ghost production

> Audio Restauration (bad recordings, Vinyl etc.) 
> Release and Artist management

Something not on that list?
Don´t hesitate to ask us! 

Quality matters

Selection of the overall audio chain from microphones to digital converters. And from Audio- interfaces to Monitoring. We know the quality matters of these devices and makes a significant impact to the listeners. 

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