Some artists from Loud Space

We are proud to introduce some of our family members. All of them were hitting various charts multiple times. 

Ravest Hard

Ravest Hard is a project by Oliver Freitag and Benjamin Teigeler. The two german DJs already know each other from school and over the years have deepened their love for electronic music. After build-up their own studio the two start in 2019 with their productions properly. They have not committed to a fixed genre but the trakcs are influenced by EDM, Trance and Chill Out Sounds. 

Dan Kers

Dan Kers is an Electro House Producer. He was hitting the german dance charts various times with multiple productions also for other famous artists. 

Mystic Experience

Mystic Experience is an Electronic Dance Music Producer Duo from Switzerland creating music since 1996 in genres Electro House, EDM, Trance, Hard Trance and PsyTrance. They love to produce music and their passion is ever present. 


After 20 years of deejaying in various clubs, MacDio decided to produce his own tracks. MacDio mainly produces EDM and Bigroom. He was able to achieve some success in dance- charts in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. 

Terra V.

Terra V. Vincenz Terrazzino ist in der Nähe von Saarbrücken geboren.Mitte der 90er begann die Phase der elektronischen Tanzmusik da kam imm der Gedanke in diversen Discotheken auf zu legen doch irgendwie reichte im das nicht aus so beschloss er ende der 90er selbst zu produzieren.Unter dem Projektnamen Terra V. produzierte er Mit Roger Shah "Spirit Of Joy" und "Vibes Of Terra V."

Danky Cigale

DJ and producer Danky Cigale doesn’t shy away from challenging topics when it comes to reviving timeless pieces of music from the past.Dee Dee Jackson’s “Automatic Lover” and especially Genesis’ “Follow You Follow Me” should present sufficient proof.And now he’s got the next big thing lined up: The release of “Killer”, the major 90’s hit byAdamski & Seal, showcases the respect and sensitivity when dealing with remakes.Combining groovy, catchy and very current vibes, the original spirit is very much alive and perceptible.No matter what, and very obviously, he’s a child of the 80’s and there’s no denying it. That’s how it is, and it’s good.


INCARMA is a dance floor project founded by Markus Müller.
The original idea was to create house music with inspiration from typical euro- dance music from the 90s.
Over the time and years INCARMA transformed across different EDM styles from "chill out"- to "trance" music. This inspiration of the name INCARMA has the origin in the first name from vocalist "INgrid CARMen", which gives the sound a good karma. In 2020 the club tracks "Weißer Turm" and "Frozen" was hitting various Top 100 Charts and radio stations in Germany and Switzerland.

Freestyle Kings

Freestyle Kings is a pure fun project of Loud Space. While others are claiming Freestyle is a dead music genre, the Freestyle Kings are on the way to renew this famous sounds of the 80s. And for sure -  there are a lot of kings out there in the genre, claiming that title. In the area around Nuremberg (some say, that is the last Freestyle Kingdom), they found a couple of DJs and Clubs, playing the sounds.