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Loud Space is a professional audio studio specializing in radio, TV, and film productions. Our clients include artists, media agencies, film production companies, and TV broadcasters.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality and ensure their satisfaction with the end results. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and pricing.


  • Audio Recording / Vocal Recording: We offer professional audio and vocal recordings in our studio, employing high-quality equipment and a comfortable working atmosphere to achieve the best possible results.

  • Audio Postproduction: After recording comes postproduction. We provide extensive audio postproduction services to edit, optimize, and perfect your recordings.

  • Audio Mastering: Our audio mastering service is designed to enhance the sound of your recordings and present them in the best possible way. We use advanced technology and years of experience to achieve excellent sound quality.

  • 3D Cinema Audio / Cinema Post Production: We offer specialized audio services for cinema and 3D cinema. Our experts ensure that the sound is perfectly synchronized with visual effects, creating an impressive auditory experience.

  • Chart Ready Ghost Production: Our team of experienced producers and composers provides professional ghost production services to create tracks ready to land on the charts.

  • Audio Restoration (bad recordings, Vinyl, etc.): We can restore poor recordings or old vinyl records and convert them into high-quality digital versions. We use modern technologies and advanced methods to achieve the best possible sound.

  • Release and Artist Management: We offer comprehensive release and artist management services to assist you in publishing your music and promoting your career as an artist. Our experienced managers support you in all areas to maximize the success of your releases.

Quality matters

We place special emphasis on the best audio quality, carefully selecting the entire audio chain from microphones to digital converters. Audio interfaces and monitoring also play a crucial role. We understand that the quality of these devices significantly impacts the listeners, so we prioritize their selection and quality assurance. This ensures that our customers always receive the best possible audio quality.

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