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Description of some artists on our label.

Our music label specializes in electronic dance music and works with a variety of talented artists working in this genre. Below you will find a short description of some of the current artists on our label:​

Ravest Hard

Ravest Hard is a project by Oliver Freitag and Benjamin Teigeler, two German DJs who have known each other since their school days and deepened their passion for electronic music over the years. After setting up their own studio, they launched their productions in 2019. They haven't limited themselves to a specific genre, but their tracks are influenced by EDM, Trance, and Chill Out sounds." beeinflusst.

Mystic Experience

Mystic Experience is a duo of Electronic Dance Music producers from Switzerland who have been creating music since 1996 in various genres such as Electro House, EDM, Trance, Hard Trance, and PsyTrance. Their passion for music remains unchanged and ever-present. With their love for music production, they craft unique sounds and successfully showcase their talent.


INCARMA is a dancefloor project founded by Markus Müller. The idea behind it was to create house music infused with inspiration from typical Euro-Dance music of the 90s. Over time, INCARMA evolved into various EDM styles ranging from 'Chill-Out' to 'Trance'. The name INCARMA is derived from the first names of the singer 'INgrid CARMen', intended to give the sound good karma. In 2021, the project scored a major hit with its EDM remake of the rock classic 'Runaway Train', which stayed at the top of the dance charts for 10 weeks."


After 20 years as a DJ in various clubs, MacDio decided to produce his own tracks. Primarily focusing on EDM and Bigroom genres, MacDio has achieved success in dance charts in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

Dan Kers

Dan Kers is an Electro-House producer who has repeatedly topped the German Dance charts with his own productions as well as for other renowned artists.

Danky Cigale

DJ and producer Danky Cigale does not shy away from challenging themes when it comes to reviving timeless music pieces from the past. Dee Dee Jackson's 'Automatic Lover' and especially Genesis' 'Follow You Follow Me' should be sufficient proof of that. And now, he has the next big thing in store: the release of 'Killer,' the major 90s hit by Adamski & Seal, showcases respect and sensitivity in handling remakes. By combining groovy, catchy, and very current vibes, the original spirit remains very much alive and palpable. No matter what happens, and it's very obvious, he is a child of the 80s, and there's no denying that. That's the way it is, and that's good.

Terra V.

"Terra V, born Vincenz Terrazzino, hails from near Saarbrücken. In the mid-90s, during the rise of electronic dance music, he began DJing in various nightclubs. However, simply playing music in clubs wasn't enough for him. Thus, by the late 90s, he decided to start producing music himself. Under the project name Terra V, he collaborated with Roger Shah to produce tracks such as 'Spirit Of Joy' and 'Vibes Of Terra V.'"

Freestyle Kings

Freestyle Kings is a lighthearted project by Loud Space. Despite claims from others that Freestyle is a dead music genre, the Freestyle Kings are working to revive the famous sounds of the 80s. Undoubtedly, there are numerous contenders for the title of kings in this genre. In the vicinity of Nuremberg (some argue it's the last Freestyle Kingdom), they have discovered several DJs and clubs still playing these sounds.

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